Book Review Published :

i) Studies in the problems of Third World.

By K. Sheshadri and E. Haq (ed), (New Delhi),

Uppal Publications, 1985

SABRS April, 1986.

ii) Rural Elite And Community Work.

By G. Narayan Reddy, (Allahabad),

Chug Publications, 1986

SABRS June, 1987.

iii) Federal Authority in the Indian Political System.

By S.L. Verma, (Jaipur),

R.B.S.A. Publishers, 1987

SABRS April 1988.

iv) International Politics – A Third World Perspectives.

By M.S. Haq, (New Delhi),

Sterling Publishers, 1987

SABRS April 1988.

v) Towards Theory of Positive Secularism.

By S.L. Verma, (Jaipur),

Rawat Publication, 1986

SABRS Dec 1987.

vi) Traditional and Development.

By Sachchidanand (Ed), (New Delhi),

Concept Publishers, 1988

SABRS Dec 1988.

vii) Caste – Class Formation.

By V. M. Kurian, (New Delhi),

B. R. Publishers, 1986

Indian Book Chronicle, Jaipur – April 1988.

viii) Kashmir Politics and Imperialist Manoeuvre.

By N. N. Rana, (New Delhi),

Partist Publishers, 1988

SABRS Aug. 1989.

ix) Social Anthropology.

By S. Narayan, (New Delhi),

Gian Publishers, 1988

SABRS Aug. 1989.

x) Afganistan : Geneva Accord and After.

By V. D. Chopra (Ed), (New Delhi),

Patriot Publishers,

SABRS Oct. 1989.


Book Review to be published:

xi) Modernity Globalization and Identity.

By Avijit Pathak, (New Delhi),

Aakar Books, 2006. EPW.