Conflict, Terror & Violance in Indian Society & Polity

Conflict, Terror & Violance in Indian Society & Polity


Conflict, Terror & Violance in Indian Society & Polity,

Ess Ess Publication,New Delhi 2015

ISBN: 978-81-7000-747-0

Contemporary Indian Society and Polity are facing tremendous critical challenges from terror and violence. In the present book an attempt has been made to understand and analyse the under current and external forces responsible for this critical situation. The book has not blamed to anyone but stressed to realize and review the undergone changes in Indian society and emerging political culture which some time appeared responsible for the public violence. Is it not the bargaining nature and appeasement policy of Indian polity responsible for mass mobilization and agitations degenerating into burning and looting of public property and creating terror and violence in society? A specific attention has been drowning to highlight the existing realities of domestic violence, communal violence and sexual violence in Indian society.

Since independence India has witnessed several violent upheavals and armed uprising particularly in the North-Eastern part and later, in Punjab. The growth of cross border violence/terrorism in Jammu & Kashmir, the rise and growth of Naxalities movement in several states of India are pointers to agrarian unrest turning violent and accepting the leadership of those wedded to the cult of violence. An attempt has been made to highlight and focus upon growing public concern in the issue and the way to minimize threat to internal security from violence and terrorist attacks as well as to achieve a zero-tolerance level towards such strikes.