Violence And Terror Siamese Twins

Proceedings of NAAC Sponsored National Conference on Quality Enhancement in Higher Education


Violence and Terror Siamese Twins,

Gyan Publication, New Delhi
Year of Publication 2014

ISBN: 978-81-212-1228-1

In our fragmented social structure, violence has employed as a dominant mode of social interaction and this mode is mostly influenced by politics. Violence is a complex problem; arising out of psychological, cultural, political and religious factors On the other hand terror is feeling of extreme fear. It is a situation or thing that makes one very afraid. Violence and terror are destructive. Both causes damage to individual and property. Hence, both have to be curbed. Similarly, terrorism is the use of violence action in order to achieve political aims or force a government to act. Terrorist’s attacks the innocent people including children and women in a state are politically motivated. Both violence and terror are to be taken as Siamese Twins. Both are conjoint and inseparable. Both create cerotic situation in our society.

This book is the collection of research papers written by various experts from varied disciplines and professions. In this book an attempt is made to study the various dimensions of violence and terror.