Paper Presented /Chaired the session :

(1) Child beyond Survival At 27th Indian Social Science Congress, IIT Kharagpur, December 3-7, 2003
(2) WTO and Higher Education in India At ICFAI, Nagpur, February 28, 2005
(3) Poverty and Malnutrition At UGC sponsored seminar organized at Institute of Social Work, Nagpur, February 23-24, 2007

***Also chaired one technical session***
(4) Societal Violence in India Seminar on Violence in India,
Organized by R D University, Jabalpur, February 19-20, 2009
(5) Contributory Role of Panchayati Raj in Facilitating Sustainable Economic Development At IIPA, New Delhi, November 10-11, 2010
(6) Violating Children’s Rights: A Blot on The Nation National seminar Conducted At Jamia Millia Islamia University, New Delhi, March 21-22, 2007
(7) Reviewing Indian Constitution UGC National Seminar on “Working of Indian Constitution Need for Reform and Change”
Annasaheb Gundewar College, Nagpur, January 11, 2011
(8) Caste Freedom Index: Theoretical Challenges and its political impact in India Held at, Nepal, June 29-30, 2010
(9) Judicial Activism: Bulwark of Indian Parliamentary Democracy Held at, Bhandara, JM Patel College, February 15, 2011
(10) Poverty and Food Insecurity in India At Jamia Milia Univ. New Delhi, February 24-26, 2011
(11) Internationalization of Tertiary Education In the Era of Globalization At Mauritius, ISSN: 1694-1160
(12) Corruption: Violation of Human Rights Held at Presidency College,Chennai, August 3-4, 2011

***Also Chaired one session***
(13) Poverty in India: An Overview Organized by Jivan Vikas Mahavidyalay Thugaondeo, Narkhed, Nagpur, September 24, 2011

***Inaugurator of Seminar***
(14) Politics of Minorities in India Refreshers Course for Political Science Sponsored by UGC, Organized by Deptt of Political Science RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur, June 30, 2012

(15) Child Labour: A review of Literature At Patel College, Butibori, Nagpur, April 21, 2011

Human Rights: A Strategy for World Peace
(16) Panel discussion on Election of Indian President Spoke on “Does Election procedure of Indian president need any change?”

Organized by India Peace centre, Nagpur, July 7, 2012
(17) Challenge of Education in India At Pillar Philosophical Institution, Nagpur, August 11, 2012

***Moderator of Symposium***
(18) National Seminar on Consumer awareness At Indian Institute of Public Administration, New Delhi, November 1, 2012

***Chairman for Technical Session***
(19) Moribund of Social Science in India At "International Conference" on Social Science Research and Doctoral Colloquium IPE, Hyderabad, January 9-11, 2013
(20) Consumer Protection and Welfare Measures

Paper presented: Rural Consumer Problems: An Analysis
At Dept of Public Administration, RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur, December 22, 2012
(21) Re-assessing the assessing criterions of NAAC

National Conference on quality enhancement In Higher Education.
At S F S College, Nagpur, March 7-8, 2013 (NAAC Sponsored)
(22) New Orientation in Foreign Policy During Prime Ministership of P. V. Narasimha Rao

National seminar on India’s Foreign Policy
At Department of Political Science RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur, March 25, 2013
(23) Quality Research Enhancement

Seminar on Research Supervisor on Quality Research
At Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Nagpur, July 12, 2014
(24) Refresher Course in Political Science,Lecture on Social Science at Cross Road

Resource Person in Academic Staff College, Nagpur
At Deptt of Pol. Sc, RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur, September 8, 2014
(25) National Seminar On Citizen’s Foreign Policy

Paper Presented : Foreign Policy and Human Rights
Organized by the Department of Pol. Sc. RTM Nagpur University, Nagpur, September 11, 2014
(26) National Seminar on Human Rights And Contemporary Reality

At DN College, Nagpur, January 19, 2015

***Also Chaired Valedictory Session***
(27) National Seminar on Affirmative Action and Social Inclusion Of Marginalized: Conundrums and Opportunities in India

Paper Presented : Impact of Affirmative Action on Scheduled Castes and Higher Education: An Evaluation
At Madhya Pradesh Institute of Social Science, Ujjain, M.P, Sponsored by ICSSR, New Delhi , December 17-18, 2015